Take the SCARE out of home care and vet visits

Vet visits, ear cleaning, nail trims, grooming... need not be stressful for you and your dog

As a Fear Free Certified Professional, we can help you nurture your fear free happy home


We all love our dogs and want to do our best to care for them. But sometimes, we don’t have the right skills, information and techniques to ensure that our dogs are emotionally protected from the many things that can cause them fear, anxiety and stress (FAS). Home care activities like tooth brushing, grooming, ear cleaning may be difficult to execute without your dog nipping at your hands. Perhaps you avoid going to the vet because your dog is unable to cope with the stress of the visit. All of these can compromise the well-being and standard of care for your dog and her long-term welfare.

Let’s take the “scare” out of home care and vet visits, and put the FUN back into everyday care for your dog – through our Fear Free Co-Operative Care Programme. At every stage of your dog’s life – from puppyhood to her senior years.

  • Step 1: we’ll brainstorm for management tactics that help reduce fear, anxiety and stress (FAS)
  • Step 2: we’ll teach your dog behaviours that she associates with strong, safe and positive experiences, which help protect her emotional well-being, and tell you when she is ready to co-operate with you in the care procedure
  • Step 3: we’ll guide you in the use of gentle tools and handling techniques that further protect your dog’s emotional well-being
  • Step 4: we’ll practise real-life scenarios in your home, and in fun visits to the vet


Here, Chief Cheery Officer Kiyo demonstrates through our Fear Free Co-operative Programme, that it is possible to enjoy a full wellness check with his favourite vet, Dr Ang Yilin from Mt Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Farrer).

  • Left: he engages with Dr Ang willingly, and shows relaxed body language
  • Centre: he co-operates with Dr Ang for his examination, by offering a “zen down” to show that he’s ready
  • Right: big smiles for a successful wellness check, and well-earned treats



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