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The Total Canine Fitness Puzzle

Cardio. Flexibility. Strength. Balance. Mental


When we think of fitness for our family dog, we think immediately of familiar physical activities like walks, jogging, swimming and maybe a dog sport like agility. But what happens if a busy schedule and bad weather prevent you from taking that walk together? Perhaps your senior dog needs a different fitness programme to address a specific condition, such as decreased hind limb strength and awareness? Can you embark on a preventive exercise programme that helps to protect your healthy, active dog from strain and sprains as he runs, jumps, twists and turns in play?

As a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) and FitPaws Master Trainer, this is where we work with your vet’s recommendations for health, nutrition and exercise requirements, to craft a total fitness programme to complement your dog’s wellness programme at each stage of his life. This is one way to help your dog live well from puppyhood into his senior years, maintaining the ability to perform functional activities like climbing stairs, getting into the car, or maintaining good balance on uneven surfaces.

Staying fit is for everyone and for every dog, and we will help you achieve that together.

The Game Plan is where it begins. We’ll test your dog in 5 core fitness areas:

  • Cardio
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Mental

Based on how your dog performs in the fitness test, we’ll design a fitness programme that will exercise your dog in all 5 core areas and in different planes of motion (e.g. up, down, forwards, backwards, sideways, turns and twists). The level of difficulty for each exercise and/ or the type of exercise in the programme will be adjusted as your dog’s fitness level changes.

Once the Game Plan has been developed for your dog, you’re ready to choose one of two training options.

  • The “Home Gym” Package is for you if you prefer a more “DIY” approach to working out with your dog, with designated hours of online and in-home guidance from us.
  • The “Personal Trainer” Package is for you if you prefer us to provide personal training for you and your dog at home, or at our cosy fitness studio.

Our fitness programme is designed to be fun, easy to execute and tailored to your schedule and fitness goals for your dog. Our focus is not on performance speed but in developing good form and teamwork in the execution of each exercise. We look for joyfulness in your dog and listen for that smile in your voice as you and your dog stay fit together.


Enjoy these videos of our cheerfuldogs BFFs, Piko, Princess and Kiyo as they demonstrate some of their fitness exercises.

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