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Made possible because each dog's human family committed time to learning together. Thank you!

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Nee has a unique ability to connect with dogs. Suki & Constance had the opportunity to experience two trainers who advocated force-free training. Whereas the lessons under the first trainer were a bit stressful and serious, Nee made our lessons fun and exciting. Suki adored Nee like a fairy godmother. When it then came to training the puppies (Kiko & Yuko), it was a real eye-opener for both of us (Constance & Kristine). She taught us how to understand and manage the different characters of the 3 dogs, and guided us all through their puppyhood into adolescence so that we now have 3 well-mannered, balanced and happy gals. We were dog owners before we had these 3 gals, but our lessons with Nee have definitely enriched our relationships with our poodlets.

~ Kris, Constance, Kiko, Yuko & Suki

We adopted 2 dogs, Rose and Biscuit, and had completed basic obedience classes with them elsewhere. However, I was left with the feeling that one dog (Rose) may always be dog reactive, and the other (Biscuit), potentially fearful of all people. I felt as wound-up and tight as their leashes were in class. Right from the get-go, I felt Nee understood us and our dogs. She gave us hope and that was just through her first email reply! Since then both dogs have come along by strides. Rose,  our dog-reactive canine, has since met dogs with me (right in the picture), under the safe guidance of Nee. We were so pleased for Rose that she could show us that she just had some socialization issues, not aggression. We have always felt nothing but confidence in Nee. She approaches everything with patience, understanding and a scientific background. I have recommended and continue to recommend her to many friends and even strangers I have seen who have been having issues with their dogs.

~ Margaret & Rose

Non-Chan is the first dog in our family and we enlisted Nee’s help to train him. She has passion and a natural  rapport with dogs, and just as importantly, with us humans. Like a good teacher, she was gentle, loving and patient to both beast and man. She was very knowledgeable and clarified many questions as we tried to figure out the facts and fiction of dog behaviour, nutrition and training. We have developed a close bond with Non-Chan and can recognize his different emotional expressions over time – something we did not realize dogs had.

~ Chin Kong, Minako, Ming Ming & Non-Chan

Nee is one of Piko’s favourite people in the world – her patience, kindness and very natural affinity with dogs won him over from day one! Piko was a wonderful, unexpected addition to our family and being dog owners before, we thought we could handle the adoption of an adult dog into our family very easily. It took some time for Piko and ourselves to adjust to each other but it would not have been possible without Nee’s help and guidance. Piko continues to be part of Nee’s dynamic classes with other dogs, and just as other dogs and their guardians helped Piko, now, we too, can pay that forward and help other dogs. We are so grateful for Nee’s help and would highly recommend her to all dog guardians out there seeking to learn more from, and with, their dogs in safe and enjoyable ways.

~ Lauren & Piko

Sugar, who was 9 years-old in 2011, had never lived in a city as densely populated as Singapore, nor had she ever lived in an apartment. She got scared easily and did not like being around other dogs or people. Thanks to Nee’s wonderful, careful training, Sugar was able to adapt well. Nee used positive reinforcement and well established counter-conditioning techniques to get Sugar to become accustomed to things that seemed strange to her, and introduced other dogs into the training so that Sugar would learn how to better behave around other animals. Nee was amazing in her ability to connect with my dog and understand the concerns of me as the owner as well. In my 3 years here, thanks to Nee’s expert training, we never had a problem with another person or dog during our frequent walks around my housing complex, or at the kennel where Sugar stayed when I was out of town. And when I moved to another country in 2014, Sugar adapted very well into yet another completely different environment. I am very grateful to Nee for her assistance. She made a big difference in the quality of my life during my assignment in Singapore. 

~ Sue & Sugar

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